Topic:       LST 1/2A Trainer
Posted by:       Simon Atkinson
Date/Time:      11/1/2010 7:36:05 AM


Hi Andrew

Ive just been looking Building and flying the LST 1/2A Trainer on rcuniverse (in particular D Bronks build).
It looks like a fabulous aircraft.

Im relatively new to R/C modelling but keen to start in particular with a 1/2A plane. Based on my lack of experience Im not sure whether I should buy a kit or build the LST from the plans that I have downloaded. I feel that building the LST from plans will be a steep learning curve but far more beneficial. To help me make a decision Id be grateful for a bit of advice.

The Jr Falcon ( looks like a great kit. But do you reckon this plane (assuming one added ailerons etc) is as good as the LST?

And would it be easy to add ailerons?

You recommend a .074 engine for the LST is the plan/design scalable as I would like to use my existing Cox .049 (with an R/C throttle)?

I look forward to hearing from you.

All the best

Simon (York, UK)