Topic:       ExtraEdge by Andrew Dontelli
Posted by:       John Weekes
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Date/Time:      8/11/2001 7:05:46 PM



I finally got a chance to get back to your website and check out the new Staggy pics.  Looks great!  I was out with the ExtraEdge today again.  Fantastic weather!  The EE flew beautifully. 

To anyone reading this I highly recommend this Donatelli design.  Mine has about 10-12 flights on it so far over the past 3 weeks or so.  I'm now a big Andrew Donatelli supporter! ...He didn't even have to bribe me to give this rave review!!!

The EE is a quick build and is a nice economical way to do unlimited aerobatics.  Mine has an OS.25FX on the nose, and with a APC 9x6 will pull the EE straight up to the clouds (It gets very small, VERY quickly).  It's definitely NOT a Sunday flier though, so get you heart checked before you fly it!

I'm proud to own the first EE model after Andrew's prototype and I've been promoting it highly in our club here in Ottawa --  So far, a couple of ORCC club members have expressed interest in building it.

Andrew, when my EE pics finally get to you please feel free to display them on the website.

All the very best...and I'll be talking with you on regular e-mail.